Installment Plan

UKOZUShop provides 0% Interest installment payment options for our customers. You are free to choose which merchant that suits your requirement. You may read through and understand the terms & conditions through their website as per below:

1. Toyyibbay
Customers are required to make the full payment during the checkout process, which means they need to have sufficient money in their account of the transaction to go through.

2. PayLater by Grab
No interest, no fees. Pay only the price of what you’re bringing home. There’s no interest, no upfront costs, and no fees as long as you repay on time.

3. Ezibuy Buy now pay later 6 or 12 months (dalam perbincangan)
Customers will have the chance to purchase our items and enjoy up to 6 months or 12 months installments. Choose your item(s), swipe (WALK IN ONLY) your Maybank Credit Card / Public card and select the installment plan (6 months or 12 months) to enjoy shopping with us! Customers can receive their item(s) first, and the balance will be automatically charged to your Credit Card. Applicable for over RM500 purchase only.

4. Manual Installment
You are also able to make a booking/pre order (6 months) for the item that you want by making a certain deposit to us. The item will be held until you complete for every month, and got how many month you like to choose (3 Months , 4 Months & 6 months) payment using Manual installment will do for deduction and will send remaining via email registered.